Welcome to Rigby Hall Helicopter Hire

Rigby Hall Helicopters proudly operates the most premium helicopter available for charter in Australia. The Agusta Westland AW109SP Grand New is the ultimate solution for VIP, Corporate and luxury private charters.

Why Use Rigby Hall Helicopter for your next charter?

  • Maximum Safety: Twin Engine, dual auto-pilots, triple hyraulic systems, multiple redudancies, pilot with 30 years experience. Meets corporate insurance requirements
  • All weather capability allowing 24/7 operations (radar and IFR equipped)
  • 7 passengers, 1 crew and large luggage area
  • Fast: Top speed 320klms per hour.
  • Range: Average range on a tank of fuel 800 kms. No refuelling necessary for most standard charters. With re-fuelling stops you can reach almost anywhere in Australia.
  • Comfort and style: Air conditioning, sound proofing and leather interior
  • Flexibility: You set the schedule. If your function or meeting runs overtime - we will wait.
  • Customer service: We pride ourselves in providing the highest level of customer service and professionalism. We understand the flexibility and discreteness needed in the VIP, Corporate and    Luxury market.

Why Charter a Helicopter?

Travelling by helicopter ensures you arrive on time, free from travel-related stress and anxiety. Helicopter hire is also a cost-efficient travel alternative that can easily adapt to your requirements. Rigby Hall Helicopter Charters have all the expertise and facilities available to cater for your every need. 

  • Go where fixed wing aircraft can't go
  • Save time - Go straight from A to B quickly.
  • Less hassles: - Avoid the headaches of airports. No queues. No delayed flights. No waiting for luggage.
  • Trusted Flexibility: Go when you want. Your meeting or function runs overtime - we will wait.
  • Enjoy: Nothing beats the excitement of travelling by helicopter.

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Helicopter Charter | Helicopter Hire